The Educational – Research Centre is non-commercial (non-profitable) legal entity, founded in 2014.

The mission of the Educational – Research Centre is to provide the enhancement of the level of education and establishing western humane values in Georgia.

The Centre carries out its activities within two directions: educational activities and conducting researches.

Educational activities are various. Firstly, it is a project – educational tours.
Recently, educational tours are carried out within three sub-projects in following directions:

The Centre is ready to plan and carry out any professional or cultural tours, if wanted so.

Within the educational activities, the Centre also plans and conducts different trainings for various focus groups on different topics.

The information about planned trainings is periodically published on our web site.

Since the Centre was founded, it has carried out up to ten educational tours within the above-mentioned directions.

In 2015, educational visit was carried out also in Palermo (Italy) organized by the Centre, where the professors of one of the Universities of Georgia met the chairman and the deputy chairman of the Court of Palermo. They attended some of the court trials, where the issues related to organized crime were discussed.

Within the educational activities, the Centre is interested in teachers’ training that is why it has already written a grant project and is planning to fulfill it.

The Centre is ready to conduct scientific and social researches, within researching activities, but it is related to expanses.

The Centre has some already ready interesting research projects, which will be carried out once the financial resources are mobilized.

It should be noted that, members of the Centre are professionals in their fields, part of them hold PhD degree.

They permanently conduct scientific researches, which are periodically published as publications.